Our Approach

Guy Praising GodWorship & Pray (Acts 2: 42; 47)
We live a life of continuous fellowship and communion with God. Our total being – body & mind, soul & spirit, emotions & will – extol His greatness, wisdom, care, and love.
We pray under an atmosphere of worship, with total submission to His will and direction. We are careful to wait patiently for God to speak when we worship and pray, ensuring a two-way communication.

Preach & Teach (Matt 28:19-20; 2 Tim. 2: 2)
We share the joy of the Good News in simple yet creative ways so that all may come to know Jesus in a personal and intimate way. We teach the Word of God, giving simple and concise explanations, as well as providing clarification and practical solutions, in order to make all disciples of Christ.

Fellowship & Care (1 Peter 3: 8; 1 John 3: 14)
We show the true love of Christ to all people and races; and help them connect and belong. We care for the needy; empathize with all; correct one another in love and condemn none. We promote an atmosphere of social interaction such that the Church is a place of safety, comfort and fun.

Serve & Act (Romans 12: 4-8)
Our service is an act of worship to God by which every person plays an active role and makes positive contributions. We therefore assist every individual to identify their gifts and provide them with opportunities for maximal expression in service to God and Man. No effort is too small; no sacrifice is too great.

Reach-out & Evangelize (Acts 2: 40-47)
We develop creative and more effective outreach activities evolving a community which sees the Kingdom of God thrive in London in particular and the United Kingdom as a whole. We work with and support other Christian and social groups, promoting harmony and love among all people.